Participated criteria

The company participates in the formulation of national and industry standards related to intelligent substations and charging pile testing.

NumberGradeStandard NumberStandard Name Status
1National Standard (participated in all 9 series standards)GB/T 7676.1-9Direct acting indicating analogue electrical measuring instruments and their accessories - Part 1-9:Published
2National StandardGB/T 33708-2017DC Energy MeterPublished
3National StandardGB/T 17215.304Static AC Watt-hour Meter for Electronic Instrument TransformersPublished
4National StandardGB/T 37006-2018Digital Energy Meter Verification Device Published
5Power Industry Standard DL/T 1544-2016Specification for On-site Handover Acceptance of Electronic Instrument TransformersPublished
6Power Industry Standard DL/T 1507-2016Calibration Specification for Digital Energy Meter Published
7Power Industry Standard DL/T 1665-2016On-site Calibration Specification for Digital Energy Measuring DevicesPublished
8Energy Industry Standard NB/T 42087-2016Technical Specification for Combination Unit Test Equipment Published
9Group StandardT/CIMA 0002-2018Technical Specification for Testing Network of Digital Sampling Values in Smart SubstationPublished
10Group StandardCIMA 0004-2018On-site Calibration Device for AC Electric Vehicle Charging PilePublished
11Group StandardCIMA 0003-2018On-site Calibration Device for Non-Vehicle DC Electric Vehicle Charging MachinePublished
12Group StandardCIMA 0005-2018Three-phase Combined Instrument Transformer Published
13Power Industry Standard DL/T 1955—2018General Technical Conditions for Combination Unit Test Instrument for MeasurementPublished
14Energy Industry Standard NB/T XXX-XXXOn-site Detection Technical Specification for Electric Vehicle Charging Facilities Under Development
15State Grid Enterprise StandardQ/GDWOn-site Calibration Specification for Digital Electronic Instrument Transformer Under Development
16State Grid Enterprise StandardQ/GDWOn-site Test Instrument Technical Specification for AC Electrical MeasurementUnder Development
17Group StandardT/CIS 17003-2019Test Instrument for Electronic Instrument TransformerPublished
18Association Standard T/CIMA XXX-XXXTechnical Specification for Inspection Device of Electronic Instrument TransformerUnder Development
19Industry Standard DL/T XXXX1-4Series Standards for AC Standard Power SourcesUnder Development
20Power Industry Standard DL/T XXXXOn-site Test Technical Specification for Combination Unit Under Development
21Power Industry Standard DL/T XXXXDetection Specification for Digital Measuring System Part 1: Combination UnitUnder Development
22Power Industry Standard DL/T XXXXDigital Standard Energy MeterApplication in Progress

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